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That's the Transfers Window, where Downloads and Uploads are shown/processed (click on the image to enlarge it). Note COMPACTMODE Windows was being used at time of the screenshot. Here we have to mention that downloads and uploads lists are managed by the same MUI Custom Class, including those monitor windows accessed from the application menu, and the downloads list build into the main window, being each list working independiently from each other except that later one which inherit the actions performed on the Transfer's downloads list (and viceversa), but only while it's enabled to avoid some overload, as previously explained.

Well, we'll start explaining the Transfers Window from top to bottom, Starting with the ToolBar from left to right:

On the right side of the toolbar (without being part of it) you can see a little black cyrcle, it's an GIF Anim representing a radar, which is showed when a Inspector is running. That GIF Anim is loaded from AMIGIFT:Images/insact.gif and therefore freely changeable to something else you wishes.

Following the layout, here it comes now the main downloads list:

When more than a single download is found, an additional info bar at top of the downloads list will show up, as you can see on the screenshot. What you will read on that info bar is the following: On the left side, and only when a Locator is running, you will see something like Locating xyx (xx Queued) where xyz is the Download's Session Identifier (sesid column number, below explained), and hence, the download for what we are looking for more sources to download from. And, xx represents the number of "Locator Instances" waiting to be launched to locate sources for other downloads (but that only works if you keep Handle Queue switch option enabled, else the last running instance will be aborted when a new Locator is requested/launched).   On the right side, you'll find a Lamp which will be black when none of the downloads are active, green otherwise; next, the total number of downloads, followed by the number of active downloads, and the number of downloads without sources (and suitable then to launch a Locator over them)

...and the meaning of each of the columns:

The downloads list has its own context-menu as well, a tiny one at least, where you can find some of the same entries the Toolbar has, plus two additional ones:

Continuing explaining the Transfers Window, next in the layout you can find a BetterBalance.mcc's object, which you can use to resize both lists. And next to that Balance object is the Uploads List, which we need not to mention since it works the same way as the downloads list does (as previously mentioned, all those lists are managed by a single MUI's private custom class)

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