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- Down/up-stream bandwidth

Bandwidth throttling allows AMIGIFT to have some basic control over your bandwidth usage. This code operates in user space, and as a result can not guarantee perfect accuracy. If you wish to enable use this feature, please consider using a more reliable kernel space option first....

The configuration sliders control the maximum number of bytes per second allowed for the given stream direction. A setting of 0 ('unlimited') will disable throttling for that direction.

- Reports

This option tells the daemon when it should send transfers progress back to GiFTMui, under slower systems, it is not recommended to use a lower value than 2 seconds to avoid overhead... The minimum value for uploads could be even higher, and recommended.

Change Slip controls at which interval should the daemon report transfers progress when there is no data transfered, so that the GiFTMui's listview gets refreshed. Also, this is the value interval which states when the #?.state files need to be written/updated back to disk.

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