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- Shares

List of fully qualified paths you wish to share. These directories will be recursed at giftd's startup and the files contained within will be subjected to an MD5 hashing. The results will be cached and will only be recalculated on a per share basis when the size or modification time in the cache and on disk disagree, or the file name is changed.

Sanity notice: Do NOT share source directories! Remote nodes will refuse to index your shares if you are attempting to submit more than 64000 files. - Also note that under lower powered machines high amount of files being shared (files, not MBs) could result on lost of connections due the time it could take them to be readed from disk and submitted.

Security notice: Do not share directories which may contain sensitive information, such as ENVARC: or S:. - Also note that any directories shared here will be stripped of all but the last path element when sub-mitted to other nodes for indexing, effectively "hiding" the directory prefix.

- Hidden extensions

Space-separated list of extensions whose files will not be shared.

- Resync Interval

Controls when giFT periodically rescans your shared directories for any changes (new files, missing files, changed files, etc.) and communicates those changes to the underlying protocols. This parameter specifies how often (in seconds) you want that to happen.

For your reference:

- Max Uploads per user

Maximum amount of uploads allowed from the same user at any given time. It is recommended that you keep this at 1 in order to prevent users from unfairly queueing your connection.

- Max Uploads simultaneous

Maximum amount of simultaneous uploads allowed. Setting this to -1 will cause giftd to not limit outgoing transfers. 0 effectively disables sharing.

- Hide dot files

Determines whether or not to hide directories which contain a leading dot. These directories are commonly meant to be "hidden" and thus should not be submitted to the network.

- Share Completed

Controls whether or not giftd should automatically share files that you have finished downloading. This feature significantly improves the networks abudance of files and helps ease the load on those sharing popular files. It's a Good Thing (TM), please leave it on.

- Ignore incoming

Determines whether or not your incoming folder should be shared as well. Normally you should keep this option un-selected...

- Shares Hidden

Controls whether or not your list of shares shouldn't be transmitted to the supernodes (meaning, as a temporal way).

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