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- User Interface Connections

This is the hostname and port number the daemon is listen on to accept connections, This should normally be you local machine (IP address, being 1213 the default port number - Unless you have a special need to use a non-standard port, just accept the default.

- Allowed Connections

Space separated list of hosts to allow connection to the daemon (running default on port 1213). This protocol is used to the communication between daemon and client, and could be considered a security risk if you allow external connections.

The following special keywords are supported:

Bitwidth fields are optional


Command Line Options are options which are passed to giftd by either at the command line prompt (obviously) or as SystemTags()'s attributes. options follow explained:

- Disable Logging

giftd logs several different actions to the logfile amigift:daemon/giftd.log (mainly for debugging purposes), enabling this option will cause such log not to be generated.

- AsyncIO buffer

As above stated, from version 2.0 downloads are saved to disk by using asyncio.library, here you can define the write buffer (in bytes!) this library will use.

infoNote: That buffer size will be used for each of your downloads, meaning if you define here 1000000 and you has 10 active downloads, it will require then 10MB of free RAM.

- Enable Console Output

This option will let you be able to read interactively the contents of the amigift:daemon/giftd.log logfile in a console (eg CON:) window at your Workbench (or public screen).

If you enable the switch you'll have to provide a console window as well (no default one is available..), also, this option has no effect if logging is disabled.

- Priority

Here you can define at which priority do you want the daemon to be run.

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