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If you are using a 3rd party plugin (a plugin developed by a entity outside the AMIGIFT Project Team) it is something from that plugin's author to provide the proper documentation. If that particular plugin has configuration options, those must be provided by using a MCC (MUI Custom Class) which GiFTMui should be able to load from the plugins folder (refer to the development section for further info). If no configuration options are provided, or if there is a problem with the MCC, you'll see the following message:


Once you made modifications to the daemon and/or plugin settings you have to use 'Save To Disk' button, that's required due else the daemon will not be aware of the changes, if you forgot it, you'll be prompted with the following requester:


In the other hand, the usage of Read From Disk is just to avoid mistakes by de-sync situations, and you shouldn't need to use it if you do not edit the config files manually and while you're using GiFTMui's Save Settings Exiting switch option. Hence, if you usually edit the config files and/or do not save the MUI settings on program exit, you're required to use this button before making any change on each of the pages which contains this button. Also, isn't required either to use this button on the first GiFTMui run, since it has internally stored default options for quite everything, but keep it mind that if for some reason you need to manually delete the mui config file ENVARC:MUI/GIFTMUI.cfg, then indeed you must use this button on the next program run, resuming, you're encouraged to activate Save Settings Exiting switch and to not edit the config files manually (if isn't strictly needed) you were avoided headaches.. on the first run just go the preferences window and configure everything to fit your needs, use the objects bubble-helps if you need support to understand something, on most cases the default options will be ok probably, however do not assume that and take a moment to review what each option are for, you'll avoid more headaches later... Finally, once you finished configuring, click on Save To Disk for each of the page frame which contains this button, this will save the options to the config text-files which are later loaded by the daemon. If you need to configure several components (eg: It's your first program run) you could use Save To Disk ALL instead, from the settings menu, and all settings for the daemon and/or plugins will be saved on a single step.

You'll be prompted with the following requester when such a de-sync situation happend - here we just edited the giftd.conf and Ares.conf files to this to happens to take the screenshot:


To give some more background on this, each of the preferences option has a Object's ID which MUI uses to save its contents to ENVARC:MUI/GIFTMUI.cfg upon program exit. The settings saved there are totally independient from the daemon/plugins configuration files and/or options, this can be interpreted as a safe-copy to them.. On program startup, and only once each reset, the settings stored into ENVARC:MUI/GIFTMUI.cfg will be compared against the daemon/plugins config files (AMIGIFT:daemon/giftd.conf and AMIGIFT:daemon/<plugin>/<plugin>.conf, where "<plugin>" is the network plugin name). If the comparison fails, you'll be instructed to use "Read From Disk", as shown on that requester, assuming such .conf files are the more recent and therefore the ones we should trust, that's unless there was a write error writing back to disk those daemon/plugins files, in such case you'll need to use "Save To Disk" instead to re-generate the corrupted file(s) - a bit some more info about this is provided on the FAQ.

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