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- Port

Which port the Gnutella plugin uses. The default for the Gnutella network is normally 6346, but it is random for this plugin in order not to interfere with other Gnutella clients.

Unlike OpenFT, the Gnutella plugin uses a single port for both HTTP and protocol communication. Similar to OpenFT, this port must be reachable from the outside Internet if you want to download from firewalled users. Download and search result performance is much better when this port is reachable, as quite a fair number of hosts on the Gnutella network are firewalled.

- Class

Class type Gnutella should operate as - this is an internal/undocumented option as you should not change it if you don't know what you are doing...

- Connections

Number of connections we maintain while working as the different operational modes... This is an internal/undocumented option as you should not change it if you don't know what you are doing...

- Max Nodes

Maximum number of nodes we normally maintain...

- Proxy

Should the Gnutella plugin use an HTTP proxy server?

The Gnutella plugin will contact some websites over HTTP for finding an initial list of nodes. If you need to go through a proxy server to access websites, the plugin will fail to connect to the Gnutella network unless you fill in your proxy server here.

This field can be formatted as hostname:port, with an optional 'http://' prefix and optional trailing slash. For example, and are valid.

Most people can probably leave this blank.


Those options enables the various debug capabilities of the plugin,
if you need further info please ask on our mailing-list.


- Local

Those options controls whenever you want the plugin to operate from within a local area network (LAN), as previously explained to the OpenFT network.

- Handshake

Handshake timeouts are internal values keep configurable for testing purposes, you shouldn't need to change the default values.

- Transfer push max in limbo

This is another internal/undocumented option.

- Max (per user) Uploads

And another internal option made available for amigift, with this one you can define how many uploads per user are allowed, regarless of the giftd's global setting...


- Log Results

Enable all to print information about each search performed to the log file, and/or enable packets to print a line for each result packet generated to the log file. This line includes just the number of results in each packet.

- Hops As Meta

Whether to attach the number of hops each result travelled as a metadata field "Hops". Interesting to see but probably not too useful for the average user, and so disabled by default.

- Packet ascii logfile

Output to log ASCII Packets.

- Node List

How many connections attempts each maintain loop for nodes previously registered.

- Node Cache

How many connection attempts for nodes in the pong cache.

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