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The following options are directly related to socket operations, being just a brief description used, if you want to know more in detail you should take a look at the bsdsocket.library docs, which are available here. - Note that some of the following options may are useless for normal use, but added for debugging/test purposes.

- Modes


Control whenever non-blocking I/O should be used.

infoNote: Having FIONBIO enabled is normally a good idea, considering socket events and MUI stuff is handled from the same Task, meaning if you do not use it you may could notice certain slow down from the mui side at time of reaching user inputs...


Control whenever asynchronous I/O should be used.

infoNote: There are know issues from most of our TCP/IP Stacks at time of handling asynchronous sockets with multiple connections at a time, our tests reveal that only MiamiDx does not have (apparent) problems from using it... it could be our fault, of course.. but it's clear this mode does not work on the same way from the various stacks we have...

- Options

- Send Queue

Using this option, packets to be sent to the daemon are queued if they are about to be sent very quickly so that the connection does not get congestioned... as for fionbio, this option is recommended to be keep enabled - it also avoid sending duplicated packets (eg STATS requests)

- Keep Alive

keep connections alive, enables the periodic transmission of messages on a connected socket.

- No Delay

This option disables the Nagle buffering algorithm when it's enabled, causing packets to be sent between server <-> client without delay... This should increment perfomance on certain cases, however it is mainly when small amount of data have to be sent as it increased bandwidth usage...

- Low Delay

This option is used to minimize delays on interactive traffic...whenever applycable...

- Fine Tuning


buffer size for input


buffer size for output


minimum count for input


minimum count for output


timeout value for input


timeout value for output

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