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Those settings allows you to play/display files right after the download is finished. This is the section where the matching player software for several filetypes is set. You can disable or enable all players at once by using the top-group CheckMark.

Filetypes are recognized based on their MIME type, which is determined by looking at the name extension of the downloaded file. (additionally, amigift is internally able to detect wrong file-extensions for common types (eg jpeg, gif, or mp3) by reading the header of the downloaded file, and warning you then if the file extension does not mach the guessed (real) filetype)

The individual checkboxes in each line control the support for the MIME type named in that line. The list begins with the most common MIME types, as show on the following table:

Format MIME type
MPEG video/mp#?
AVI/MOV video#?
MP3 audio/mp#?
OGG audio#?
Images image#?
Unknown all the rest

The handling of players are launched checking the mime types on the above order, so that if the file isn't in MPEG format (match against video/mp#?) we'll check next if it's some kind of video, meaning the player for AVI/MOV could really launch any type of video other than MPEG, same for audio types.

The next ten lines allow you to enter other filetypes you want to have identified and handled by the appropriate player. The string gadget on the left side takes up the extension (PDF, HTML or whatever), Note these player have priority over the above ones, meaning if you define a player for ".jpg" it will be launched instead the general player for Images.   The player programs either have to be in your DOS search path or have to be given with their full path to be found. The gadgets on the right side launch the entered program. A requester will open, asking you for a file that reflects the filetype in question. This way, you can check whether the chosen player is able to handle that sort of files.

infoNote: Make sure the player you choose is apropiate to be launched within GiFTMui... first, by checking if it works launching it from a shell, and then testing it from the preferences (right side button). Note also where the player is about to accept a filename from its command line should be replaced by %f (printf formatting style) which GiFTMui will use to place the file to be played.

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