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Locators are processes with the only job of locate more sources for your downloads, in a way that they don't stop downloading... Locators creates a new socket connection with the daemon, it send the locate request and waits for results (it's just like performing a normal search using the realm 'hash'), of course everything is handled automatically in the background, so that you can continue using GiFTMui without problems at all. Follow are the description for the settings:
- Launch Automatically

Locators will be automatically launched once a download reaches Zero sources.

- Handle Queue

When Locators are launched automatically, there could be the case where several of them are launched very quicly causing only the first instance to take effect - by that reason, from GiFTMui 2.0 (build #148) the avility to add them in a queue have been added, so that if e.g. you have 20 downloads and all of them reaches Zero sources, while locators are enabled, only the first request is handled in real-time being the rest queued to be automatically launched as well on timeout or end of results for the running instance.

- Allow multiples

This option is currently unavailable...

- Timeout

Specifies the maximum time-life a Locator is keep running.

- Inspector

The Inspector is an automated way of launching Locators, if it's Activated it will be launched given the interval value and it will check your list of downloads, unless Check all is enabled it will launch a Locator for transfers without sources, else (when Check all is enabled) it will launch a Locator for all of your downloads. - If you want to abort a running Inspector you'll have to "re-launch" it from the Network menu.

regwarnLocators are available for registered users only!

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