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The chat is just a little IRC implemetation which connects to the freenode network and its channel #AmiGiFT.

See it, try it, love it! ;-)
- Connect to the chat

Controls whether a connection to the chat is established or not.

regwarnUnregistered users cannot de-select this option.

- Username & password

If you are a registered user of the freenode network you can enter here your details, and if you are not please enter at least your nick on the Username field!

- Channel logger

The checkbox controls whether the contents of your chat session will be logged or not. If you choose to log it, you can enter the path of the log file to be used to log entries to.

- Sound Events

Similar to the "Events" and "Sounds" pages, you can give some sound effects to be played on various occasions. The handling is identical. The checkboxes control whether a notification should take place in that situation or not, the string gadget contains the sound file, the gadget on the right edge plays the sound in a way to test if it's audible.

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