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- Username

Your username. FastTrack will not allow access to the network without a username. The username is not unique on the network and is not to be trusted. The username must not contain whitespaces!

- Port

The port FastTrack will listen on for incoming connections. Both TCP and UDP.

- Forwarding

If you are behind a NAT and you are forwarding the above port you have to enable this i.e. you forward outside_ip:port -> inside_ip:port outside_ip and inside_ip are determined automatically. Do not enable this if you are not forwarding.

- Allow Sharing

If enabled FastTrack will share files as configured with giftd. If disabled files will never be shared on FastTrack even if giftd shares on other networks.

- Banlist Filter

If enabled FastTrack will filter out all search results which come from ips matching the ranges specified in the file AMIGIFT:daemon/FastTrack/banlist

- Auto Search More

If Enabled FastTrack will automatically search again after a search has completed.

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