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main window toolbar

Thats the main window toolbar, the buttons are as follow: (from left to right)

infoNote: those ghosted buttons are due we grab the screenshot without being connected to the daemon, once connected they are in normal state and the 'Connect' button ghosted.

- Connect

This button connects you to the daemon.   If the daemon isn't running already, and you are using the launch on startup option, it will be automatically launched. Some daemon's command-line/process options can be configured from the preferences which will be used by GiFTMui at time of using SystemTags()

- Disconnect

This buttons closes the connection established with the daemon, Note it only disconnects you from the daemon, which is keep running in the background.

- Search

Use this button to start a search once you adjusted the search criteria from the search panel.   Multiple search requests at the same time are possible if you set the multi-lists switch on (registered users only). Pressing the Enter key over the search string has the same effect than clicking this button.

- Stop

This button stops the current search request.   On previous versions/builds when you click it all further result's additions are rejected ensuring you'll have upto search box's max-results as maximum - this no longer works in this way because there is no real need to ignore further results since the daemon will continue sending them to us until it receives the stop request from the socket connection and process it. note this action is launched in real-time whatever you use sockopt's send queue or no, and once the request has been sent the button gets ghosted.

- Download

This button request the daemon to start downloading the selected entry from the list of results, thats the same as double-click a entry from the results-list. Multiple download requests at once are perfectly possible.

infoNote: There are some options at the preferences about certain actions to be performed at time of downloading (and with each selected download in case of multiple requests)

- Statistics

This button opens a window for network statistics, you'll see number of users, files and bytes for each network, as well the number of downloads/uploads from/to a particular network which GiFTMui itself track internally.

infoNote: Recent Ares versions don't report real stats, it's not a bug, at least not on our part, we just set what the supernode tells us, if it's an old supernode then i'll work, if it's won't...

- Shares

This button shows your list of shares (shared files). If multi-lists are enabled it will show your shares on a new list.

- Transfers Window

This button opens the window where transfers can be watched. Explained below.

- Preferences Window

This button opens the Preferences Window, where you can define the settings for everything. (well, almost everything, there are some options managed by tooltypes and environment variables). Explained below.


Here we have a little amigift anim loaded via GIFAnim.mcc from AMIGIFT:Images/amigift.gif. If you do not have GIFAnim.mcc installed on your system that will be just a noop (hidden) object, not causing any failure at all. You could also replace that GIF anim for anything else you'll like to see here, or rename the image filename if you do not want that anim to be shown.

- Network's Status Lamps

As a last toolbar member we have here a group of status lamps (created with Lamp.mcc, which is therefore required). Since AMIGIFT 2.0 build #156 those lamps are dinamicaly created based on the network plugins currently installed rather than for known plugins.

Follow are the default color specification, the name between quotes is the color name as it appears on the MUI Settings for Lamp.mcc (Its mcp) which you can change to something else:

green "Ok" the plugin is active and connected to the network.
yellow "Processing" the plugin is active but not connected to the network.
black "Off" the plugin is installed but it's neither connected nor active.

Those lamps acts as buttons as well, it serves to enable searching at certain networks only in the same way of using the advanced search panel's protocol checkmarks, when some lamp is pressed the corresponding checkmark will be activated as well, and the lamp will blink using the color "Looking Up"

infoNote: BLACK status lamp at startup means we have not received a stats report from the daemon yet, same if we have reloaded the daemon.

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