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search panel

This is the normal search box, just below of the toolbar, follow explained from left to right:
- Search String

Here you put the string you want to look for, normal searches would be a single word... but you can use any number of words without problems (while the network plugin where to send the search allow it), when you use more than one word is the destination network plugin (supernode) the responsible of handling it on a "human readable" way... unfortunately this does not seems to happen most of the times... to work against this behavior GiFTMui implements some filters to get results e.g. on ordered words (as you typed it).   This object hasn't notification to the return key and therefore you'll need to click on the Search Button to start the search.

The object is created using a String.mui subclass with history/cache facility, when a new search request is sent the string you typed is stored on a private cache, you can access such cache by using the RMB (right mouse button) over the string object and a context-menu with the cached entrys will be shown. If you want the cache saved upon exit you'll have to active the 'save on exit' switch available from the same context menu.

Attached to the string object there is a button as you can see (MUI's "tape down" image), this is here to expand/replace the standard search panel to the advanced search panel mode, where you can finetune the searches (explained below).

- Realm

Here you can define what type of results you want to be returned, this could be everything meaning any type of files, audio, video, images, documents, or software. There are options as well to found files based on its hash, or to browse a single user shares (if the protocol support it).

- Max (Maximum number of results)

How many results do you want as maximum for your search requests, read the notes given to the toolbar's stop button for additional info.

infoNote: The value set here is valid and used as well while the advanced search panel is being used.

- Paths

Activating this switch causes the paths to the files in the results to be shown, this is only usefull if the network/supernode who give us the results uses pathed files.

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