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Just below the main window's results listview you have a 6-pixels height gauge-button as shown on the image 1, When you click it a downloads list will appear as shown on image 2, It's disabled by default and you need to activate it by using its context-menu under the option "enable this (cloned) list", thats a NList's cloned-list meaning the list do not handles anything in his own but inherit the entrys of the main downloads list form the transfers window. Once activated it will look as shown on the image 3, you have quite the same functionality as the main downloads list by using its context-menu options. Shown on image 3 are the gauge activated as well, which also is disabled by default and activated from its context-menu option, This gauge serves as a global counter for all the active downloads, measuring download rate and time all of them will took to complete. Also, there is a Balance object above that cloned list which allows you to resize that list against the results listview. - Note both functionalities could increment the cpu usage substantialy!

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