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advanced search panel
Thats the advanced search panel which hidden by default and opened clicking the tape down image from the normal search panel.

Clicking on the tape up image (read 'switch panel') will exchanged the panel to the normal one.

Search String and Search Realm was already explained before, Exclude is a string (allowing unix wildcars, teorically..) which will be used to hide certain results from the search, of course the network/supernode where we have sent the search request must accept exclude tokens or giving something here will be a no-op.

Protocol contains a list of currently installed network plugins where we are able to send search requests to certain networks only, or individually. It's default to All Networks.

Filters is a in-depth way of giving more accurate results with the cost of more cpu usage with each request, on previous builds the filters was always "on" and we was checking if the options contains something useable, as it looked like it used here some unneeded cpu (GetAttr() usage on each object for each inserted result) we decided to disable the filters completely by default, and therefore you'll need to Enable it prior to use

Following we are going to explain all of the Filters options:
- Pattern

This is either an AmigaOS or REGEXP (Regular Expression) pattern, which will be compared against received results and only filenames matching will be inserted on the results list. The first character of the string must be colon to use a REGEXP pattern (eg: ":/.*?(mp3|wav)$/i"), if you are new to regexp take a look here, or here.

Regular Expressions support is provided by the PCRE library:
PCRE is a library of functions to support regular expressions whose syntax
and semantics are as close as possible to those of the Perl 5 language.

                       Written by Philip Hazel
           Copyright (c) 1997-2008 University of Cambridge

- Availability

Here you are able to define the minimum availability a file must have to be added to the results list.

meaning of the values was previously explained

- Max FileSize

How many bytes for a file are valid to be inserted on the results list. Files with higher bytes will be just ignored.

- Min FileSize

This is just the opposite to Max FileSize, files with lower bytes than the value entered here will be ignored. You can specify a range of bytes using both fields altogether.

- Match

When you use more than a single word in the search string, most supernodes of certain networks ignores the order or number of words you typed and just returns results matching any word, this is indeed a too annoying behavior at time of looking for phrases with common words - by that reason this filter was created, here you can specify some criterion of how results should be returned. We'll only perform the check on the returned filename field.

The contents of the cycle object are now explained:

- Disabled

Ignores the filter.

- any word

Return results matching any word.

- all words

Only return results which contains all of the words in no particular order.

- all order

Only return results which contains all of the words ordered, just as you typed them.

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