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GiFTMui's main window:
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On this section we'll try to explain in detail the meaning of the hundred of buttons, gadgets, options and internal features available into AMIGIFT, starting with GiFTMui, the Graphical User Interface, with help from some screenshots for a better and quick understanding, focusing as well in the daemon part about command-line options and other aspects which should need mention from this documentation, without forgoting giftd, the daemon, has its own website located here, where you should take a look into if you want a more in depth information about it.

Once you install/extract the package, with the components required and network plugins you wish to use, including 3rd part resources needed, what you'll have to do is to double-click the icon to launch the program, then you'll see the following splash-window to the startup process:


On that window you'll see the release name (if it's public or beta), followed by the compilation date and time, next to that is a gauge to the current startup progress, being the screen-title showing as well the progress as percent.

In a few seconds the startup step must be complete, and you'll be presented with the main window.

infoNote: You'll may notice from version 2.0 the startup process is somewhat slower... thats because we use private custom classes for everything MUI related, and almost 40 of them have to be created...


If you launch GiFTMui for the first time, you'll see a welcome-window as the follow captured, on that window we give you some additional info which you must read and remember.

welcome window


Well, we'll start right now explaining in detail everything:

General Usage
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