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Following are the list of supported Tooltypes which you can change from the GiFTMui's icon file, note that some of those options are setable from the preferences window as well, but available from here since may those need to be used before the MUI application gets actually created. On the first run, those options from the preferences window will inherit the default values from those found as tooltypes.

Name Description Default Value
BWINDOWS If you want to use BWindows rather than normal (MUI-default) Windows. NO
CHUNKPROGRESS If you want to use a gauge-like object to transfers progress. Users of low-powered systems, who normally download lots of files simultaneously, may want to disable this. YES Registered Users Only
COMPACTMODE This mode creates the main window on a very nice fashion, grouping most used windows into that single window, as previously seen. NORegistered Users Only
DAEMONWARNS If you want daemon's warnings/errors showing up on the GiFTMui's debug window. YES
DTABLESIZE How many connections you want the daemon to manage, refer to the ChangeLog entry for 2008-01-24 for further info. 256
FIOASYNC If you want to use asynchronous I/O sockets. YES (while under MiamiDx, NO otherwise)
FIONBIO While enabled causes sockets to work in non-blocking I/O mode, which is highly recommended. YES
FORCE_REHASH If enabled, the daemon will check your shares on each startup, once a month otherwsie. NO
REQTIMEOUT The timeout used to requesters to get automatically cancelled. 45
SPLASHWINDOW If you want to use the SplashWindow to the Startup step. YES
SWEXIT If you want to use the SplashWindow to the Exit step. YES
TEAROFF If you want to use that MUI Custom Class... NO Registered Users Only
TOOLBARHVERT While using TEAROFF, this causes the toolbar to be horizontal or vertical movable. NO
USESENDQUEUE In the hope to get the daemon less congestioned, this option causes GiFTMui to use an internal queue where packets are stored before they are actually sent. YES
AUTOREADSAVE Handling of 'Read From Disk' and 'Save To Disk' will be perfomed automatically when requesters are about to pop-up asking for it. NO
TFSTATUS Controls whenever the main window's counter for all active transfers should be enabled/used. YES Registered Users Only
TRACKDLS This control if the Transfers Window's downloads list should include the info bar... YES Registered Users Only
CMAPSETUP Short for Compact-Mode ActivePage Setup. This is some MUI *hack* which while working on COMPACTMODE will handle objects's MUIM_Setup and MUIM_Cleanup switching between tabs (RegisterGroup Pages), and therefore starting/killing notifications and other setup/cleanup actions when the ActivePage isn't the visible one. NO Registered Users Only
WSEASYNC While FIOASYNC isn't activated, Socket events will still be handled asynchronously (Internally by GiFTMui itself), using this tooltype you can disable such async way, just in case you *really* need to for whatever reason... YES
NLSLEEP Similar to CMAPSETUP, This is another "hack" which will put "to sleep" NList(s) as possible to try to achieve a better perfomance, this is just done by using Quiet, Disabled, and GoInactive... NO Registered Users Only
MUICFG Use this tooltype to provide a filename where to store MUI settings, eg: MUICFG=AMIGIFT:GiFTMui.cfg - If no tooltype is provided it will fallback to the default ENVARC:MUI/GiFTMui.cfg YES

Not related to tooltypes, but we take this time to show and explain the appicons used by GiFTMui, a couple of them to the diferrent states. Those icons are located at AMIGIFT:Images/ and you are free to change them to anything else.


From left to right, Offline, Online, Downloading, Uploading, and both Downloading and Uploading.

When the daemon isn't running, the appicon used will be the default application icon (, while if it's running but you are not connected to it the appicon being used will be therefore the Offline one.

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