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GiFTMui Menu

Thats the little GiFTMui menu currently in use, there aren't available too many options but just the helpful ones ;)

On this section we'll explain in detail all of the available menu options.

- Project

- About

Opens a window that contains information about the version/build you're using, the author(s) and 3rd part resources used as acknowledgments, and something else related to the current amigift development, including support links.

- About MUI

Opens a window that contains information about the MUI toolkit including version and contact details of MUI itself as well as installed MUI custom classes and their authors.

Those of you who still without a MUI keyfile can start the registration procedure by clicking the central "Register" button. (Or follow This Link)

- Register

This application menu item opens a window that informs about the advantages of obtaining an AMIGIFT KeyFile.

The registration fee can be paid using PayPal. (for other payment methods please ask us), a click on the PayPal button in the upper right corner of the window will attempt to start your browser and take you to the Amigift's PayPal site. Detailed info about the registration process can be found on that window. Clicking the "Cancel" button closes the window and leaves you behind with a bad conscience. :)

- Updates

This application menu item opens the AMIGIFT's Online Updater window.

What appears to be not much more than an empty listview is a feature that allows easy access to updates of AmiGiFT components and network-specific data (Read: node and banlist files).

The listview contains columns that display the component names, the versions available locally and remotely and some additional information about these. Having the daemon online, a click on "Receive list" connects to the amigift website and fills the listview with the information retrieved. Now you can select the components you would like to have updated by selecting them and clicking "Update Selected". Which ought to be done whenever a component has been updated. Getting up-to-date banlists from time to time is recommended as well.

The four checkmark gadgets in the lower left corner provide some extra comfort to the online updater:

- Update everything automatically

Does exactly that; whenever a newer version is detected remotely, the component present locally will receive an update.

- Backup files before updating

Renames the local copy of the component before the new version is installed, thus providing a backup in case the new version causes unexpected problems.

- Show only newer files

Changes the behavior of the listview. Normally, all components available will be displayed, regardless of version differences between local and remote copies. Checking this gadget restricts the list to those whose remote versions are newer than your local copies which may shorten the list.

infoNote: We only check for version and revision nmber changes only (eg: 2.0 -> 2.1), that means due the pre-release builds launched around GiFTMui isn't properly recognized as due as a pre-release version number does not change. If you are one of those using our beta builds you'll need to look at the program's DateStamp (filled on the 'Notes' column) and update it manually if you really want to use such betas.

- Check for updates on startup

Calls the online updater upon every start, thus ensuring you are aware of any new versions as soon as they become available.

The settings of the checkbox gadgets are saved along with the general giFTmui preferences upon exit.

- Iconify

Iconfies GiFTMUI, i.e. closes its window (and screen if applicable) and places an icon on your Workbench. Clicking this will restore the previous state. The iconification does not affect any operation of AmiGiFT, be it establishing connections, up/downloads or whatever.

- Quit

Quits GiFTMUI. Depending on your settings, giftd will receive a break signal or be left running in the background.

- Network

- Connect
- Disconnect
- Search
- Stop
- Download
- Shares

All those options are equivalent to the corresponding button in the toolbar.

- Inspector

The Inspector is an automated way of launching Locators, and what are locators, you ask? Locators are processes which looks for more sources for your active downloads, on a way that they don't stop downloading, read more about them on the preferences section.

If you want to abort a running Inspector, all you have to do is to launch it once again from this menu option and the running instance will be aborted.

- Daemon

- (re)Load

This option causes the daemon to loaded on a normal way or reloaded, if the daemon is already running (and we are connected to it) it will be first aborted by sending the apropiate command packet (not signaling it), Note this will not work if the daemon isn't to be run on your local machine.

- Quit

Removes the daemon by either sending its appropiate packet command or sending a break signal.

- Miscellaneous

- Unlink From Stack

This option will close all active sockets GiFTMui has in use, and later the bsdsocket.library will be closed as well. This could be helpfull (apart others) when e.g. MiamiDx sends a SIGBREAKF_CTRL_C signal to all applications which are still using the bsdsocket library, the first time GiFTMui receives such signal it will first 'Unlink From Stack' and if it receives a second ^C signal it will exit completely.

- Windows

- Reports

- Session

Equivalent to the "Stats" button in the toolbar.

- Overall

Opens the Transfer Statistics window that shows how many files have been uploaded and downloaded, their average size and at what average speeds the transfer took place. Additionally, the uptime of AmiGiFT can be seen here. All this information is divided into local and global values. Local means during the current session, global since the first start oof AmiGiFT.

- History

Opens the transfer history, a log about when which files were transferred and their sizes. Up- and downloads are shown on individual pages.

- Uploads Queue

Will give you an overview over files being requested from you. Since you will normally limit the number of simultaneous uploads from your computer, the result is an upload queue, i.e. any request beyond your limit will have to wait until a previous upload is completed. This queue can be displayed in various ways.

- Transfers Progress

- Transfers Windows

Equivalent to the "Transfers" button in the toolbar.

- Downloads Monitor

Opens the Downloads monitor window which basically shows the same information as the transfer window with the uploads being left out.

- Uploads Monitor

Opens the Uploads monitor window which basically shows the same information as the transfer window with the downloads being left out.

- FBrowser

On previous versions, the GiFTMui's FileBrowser was a simple listview with three buttons on top to select either the completed, incoming or shares directories. Starting with Version 2.0, the FileBrowser has become a little DOpus4-clone featuring main options like Copy, Move, Delete, etc - Additionally to the little implementation it looks like, it is 64-bit compliant and fully supports all kind of symlinks (soft/hard-links to files and dirs) apart other interesting internal features... following is a screenshot of it:


regwarnThis feature is available for registered users only

- Debug

Opens a window with a simple listview where traces of the actions performed by GiFTMui are shown. Useful for troubleshooting and general info.

NOTE: The same contents of this window are saved to T:GiFTMui.log

- Chat

Opens the chat window to allow exchange of thoughts with other AmiGiFT users online.

- List

- Load

Loads a previously saved list into the main listview, replacing its current contents.

- Save

Saves the current contents of the main listview to disk, on a format to be loaded at a later time.

- Export

Saves the current contents of the main listview to disk being on a pre-formated HTML syntax to be viewable from any www-browser.

- Clear

Clears the main/current listview.

- Tools

- Check Ports

This causes AmiGiFT to connect to an internet service that checks the reachability of your computer on those ports required for your settings. This may be useful when trying to find the reason for problems establishing connections to one or more networks.

The check will be performed from a sub-process, so that you can continue using GiFTMui without problems at all, a busy bar at the top-left corder of your screen will be shown while the check is running, once finished a requester will show up with the port results.

The report will categorize ports as being in one of the following states:

  • Open: The port is accepting TCP connections and UDP packets. This means that an application is running that is using this port.
  • Closed: The port responds to probe requests but no application is using this port
  • Filtered: The port state cannot be determined because packet filters prevent probes from reaching the port
  • Unfiltered: The port is accessible but cannot determine if it is open or closed
  • Open | Filtered: cannot determine if the port is open or filtered
  • Closed | Filtered: cannot determine if the port is closed or filtered

- Create Cache

The Cache of GiFTMui are files where info about your current downloads are stored (regardless of the daemon's .state files, where giftd keep all the info required to manage a download), the data found into such cache files are:

  • URL: used to the download's file comment (set upon completion)
  • MIME: mime type of the download used to launch an associated player.
  • HASH: hash checksum of the file used to perform Locate procedures

There could be certain cases where your cache files become deleted or something.... using this option will try to re-generate the cache files, at least a HASH item is guarantee to be filled if the proper reading of the corresponding daemon's .state file was succesfull.

- Update Shares Index

This option will force the daemon to re-generate your shares index file (amigift:daemon/shares), note that you must be connected to the daemon to this to work.

infoNote: If you've added new folders to the sharing roots, and you want to update the index to reflect them, we'll recommended to use the ASIU program instead of this option, It should works lots faster than this due the running daemon launches a sub-process on the background with priority -1

- Verify Incoming

We are not perfect and may the daemon crashes at any time, if it's the case your download's state files may become renamed (in the process of updating them) causing once the daemon is reloaded to not recognize them. - This option will ensure all of the state files are properly recognizable by reading and checking your incoming folder.

infoNote: Obviously, the incoming folder configured into GiFTMui must match the one the daemon uses, and you must not be connected to the daemon and neither should it be running in the background!

- Torrents

This option opens the BitTorrent manager window, where torrent files (#?.torrent) are loaded and processed.

- Settings

- amigift

Equivalent to the "Settings" button in the toolbar.

- Load From...

Loads settings from a file previously created using "Save to...".

- Save To...

Saves the settings to a different file than the default.

- Read From Disk ALL

This option works in the same way as when you click 'Read From Disk' on the daemon and plugins settings pages, but it reads all of such settings at once. Usage of this option is required if for some reason ENVARC:MUI/GIFTMUI.cfg become deleted.

- Save To Disk ALL

This option works in the same way as when you click 'Save To Disk' on the daemon and plugins settings pages, but it saves all of such settings at once.

infoNote: This option is REQUIRED at a first amigift run by either you do not want to configure anything but use default settings OR once you've configured everything (use this option instead of clicking on each page button which obviously will be faster)

- Save

Saves the current settings to disk.

- Last Saved

Replaces the current settings by those last saved.

- Reset To Default

Replaces the current settings by default values.


Opens the MUI settings.

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