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AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.   2010-05-07 13:28 - amigift
We are proud to announce the immediate availability of AMIGIFT Version 2.1, the list of changes since the last public release is as follow:

$Id: ChangeLog,v 13.0 2010/04/11 19:07:25 diegocr Exp $
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GiFTMui 2.0.201 Now Available   2009-06-06 05:44 - amigift
An update fixing last reported issues has been released, download it from the following URL:
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AMIGIFT 2.0 Released!   2009-06-01 10:35 - amigift
The AMIGIFT Project Team is proud to announce the inmediate availability of the Final 2.0 Release. AMIGIFT is a peer-to-peer filesharing application which connect to several networks at once by using plug-ins. Furthermore, it isn't another simple port but a 100% AmigaOS Native Application, and thanks to its dinamically loadable system to plugins it's not limited to the current know network plugins, being new plugins easly created. And, of course, it includes a full-featured Graphical User Interface, made using MUI. (Read More)
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AMIGIFT 2.0 has gone gold ;-)   2008-09-11 11:59 - amigift
This message is to inform all you we are working on the final public release, which should be available shortly. We know making an announcement of an announcement isn't nice.. but we consider it`s needed due the last pre-release build status...
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The Release 2.1 is now available for inmediate download, it has been designed on a portable fashion, extract it somewhere and start using it!

Don't forget to read the
Getting Started Docs
before you even try to run GiFTMui!

This program requires several thrid part MUI classes and libraries, which are not covered on the portable package, we have made available a dependencies package supplying such external resources, download and install it if GiFTMui complains at startup about missing resources.

Do you want to see the program in action first?

java client



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AMiGiFT is a p2p FileSharing Application based on the GNU's giFT daemon and released under the same licence.