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AMIGIFT 2.0 has gone gold ;-)   2008-09-11 18:59 - amigift
This message is to inform all you we are working on the final public release, which should be available shortly. We know making an announcement of an announcement isn't nice.. but we consider it`s needed due the last pre-release build status...
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New PRE-Release available!   2007-08-01 00:19 - amigift
On July 2007, a new pre-release archive have been made available which indeed should work LOTS better than previous builds! (mainly some bugs fixed on the daemon which has made previous builds to lost connections and related issues, being uploads working again as well, in the GUI side, giFTMui should be very stable, and we are about to affirm nearly bug-free...almost, or that we hope)
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AMIGIFT 2.0 PRE-Release   2006-07-18 02:05 - amigift
due the long period our slow development is taken on the 2.0 to go out we decided to release an end-user distribution of our current work, as the users are requesting it, you can download it from the following url:
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AMIGIFT v1.1.2 "urgent fix" available.   2004-10-29 00:24 - amigift
It fixes two "serious" new bugs (an other little ones), the first one downloading from OpenFT (which the full path isn't properly striped), and the second when using the sources list which on many sources it could freezee... (additionally his NList parser has been optimized so it works lots faster).
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The Release 2.1 is now available for inmediate download, it has been designed on a portable fashion, extract it somewhere and start using it!

Don't forget to read the
Getting Started Docs
before you even try to run GiFTMui!

This program requires several thrid part MUI classes and libraries, which are not covered on the portable package, we have made available a dependencies package supplying such external resources, download and install it if GiFTMui complains at startup about missing resources.

Do you want to see the program in action first?

java client



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